Minggu, 30 Oktober 2016

David Beckham Hair style Home Guide

David Beckham Hair is a massive trend setter, barring THE trend setter, when its comes to male grooming and men’s fashion – he’s someone most men go and see to, bluff be like and you’ll find we feature him on GroomingMail quite a lot.

Over David’s emerge the fifteen minutes of fame, he has supported a wide range of hair styles, some fresh and on-trend styles and an amount that weren’t so great – like cornrows, what was he thinking?

David Beckham Hairstyles - Thankfully, through all the criterion of David Beckham’s hair, he is now the ultimate style and grooming king and his hair is 100% on point. David looked so dapper whilst at Wimbledon 2015, haddest a dry run his look here – why can’t we all occur him?

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Never fear, although you might not look as great as David (harsh reality), we have the ultimate style advice to at least achieve hair as great as his in the comfort of your own home.
David Beckham’s Hair Through Time

See for your self how much David’s hair has changed over time

How To Style Your Hair Like David Beckham

Below is a great video by ‘Slikhaar TV‘  which shows you how to style your hair the likewise David styled his in H&M’s marketing campaign, the advert where we we saw him confound town in his underwear – a win for some sympathetic the world!

In the campaign we see David Beckham supporting his traditional side sweep/quiff – a style which is bang on trend for this year. The video has some recommended products which will help you achieve hair like David’s side sweep/quiff at home, we’ve tried them and can confirm the products work a treat.